Socks with Comfort and Style

26 Oct

Have you ever thought about the importance of socks? You may think that it is not that relevant since it cannot be seen anyway, but this notion is wrong as socks have essential purposes to offer.

The feet are known to sweat too as one way to help in releasing toxins from the body which is why it is only sensible to wear socks for the absorption of sweat. Socks from Yo Sox Canada that are not too tight but are just the right fit are also essential for them to serve their purpose.

Socks come in different shapes and sizes as well as the materials that they are made from. Socks can either be made from natural materials or synthetic materials which have various functions according to the advantages provided by the materials.

The history of Yo Sox Canada socks long traces past centuries as it has long been used in the protection and warmth of the feet. Socks can be traced back to the prehistoric era wherein animal skins were strapped around the ankles to keep the feet warm and for comfort as well, the Greeks then improvised the material with matted animal hair. In 1589, the knitting machine was invented wherein socks were also improvised and different varieties were created.

The knitting machine utilized was the circular type as it is very effective in producing a huge number of socks in a short time.

Socks come in different types and for different purposes so they make good presents or which is great for expressing a fashion statement.  Yo Sox Canada is a company for quality and stylish socks for various purposes be it for presents, workwear or medical purposes.

You may have heard that the socks a person wears will give you a perception about his or her personality. The following are some types of socks and what they say about the person wearing them.

Socks that are Knee High

A person wearing knee high socks say about the person's  conservative personality which could also mean the parent's strict upbringing or if it is stylish it could also mean the person's creativity.

Vintage Socks

An individual who wears classy socks could mean a personality that is more authoritative or stern.

Printed Socks

A person seen wearing printed and colorful socks could mean a colorful and upredictable personality.

Bright Colors

A person with a bright disposition in life could be implicated when a person wears bright colored socks.  Many people who have authority such as supervisors, wear colored and bright sock to show their ability to turn things lightly or to in the positive side of things. Get more facts about socks at

Classic White Socks

White socks worn by an individual could mean a person's love for order, cleanliness and routine.

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